Information for Staff

General advice

  • Access to Readings Online is reliant on access to the LMS.
  • Readings availability dates should cover the teaching semester and must not exceed the end of the calendar year.
  • We recommend the start date for all readings commence at least one day prior to the first day of teaching.
  • For faster access link to online content where possible.
  • Print content should be scanned and supplied as a PDF.
  • Do not upload PDFs obtained through the library databases.  Instead, use links to electronic journal articles and eBooks when submitting readings.
  • Avoid using the 'Locate' option when submitting readings as this may delay making your readings available to your students.
  • Add new & roll over existing readings as soon as possible before the start of semester to allow for copyright review.
  • For answers to Frequently Asked Questions please visit our FAQs page.

Rolling over your readings

Before each teaching period, readings need to be rolled over. Find out how to roll over your readings here.

How to Guides

Getting started

Adding readings

How to enter data for your readings

Maintaining your Readings Online collection

Training Resources

Readings Online Workshop (PDF) slides from our training workshops, to support first time users and Library staff.

To request a Readings Online Workshop for staff in your faculty or department, contact us.

Academic staff are responsible for ensuring that all material used for teaching must be copyright compliant.  The Readings Online software manages copyright compliance on behalf of academic staff and ensures that teaching material complies with the requirements of the Part VA and Part VB statutory licences.

Readings Online staff will:

  • Check readings to make sure that they comply with the limits permitted under the Part VA and Part VB  licences
  • Manage the reporting requirements for material used under the licences.  If you use Readings Online, you do not need to register your teaching material separately with the Copyright Office
  • Ensure material is correctly and fully cited.  This is a legal requirement under copyright.
  • Ensure that the appropriate copyright warning notices are included on teaching material

Readings Online helps the University meet its copyright obligations, while making it quicker and easier for academic staff to make teaching material available to students.

For more information on using copyright material for teaching, refer to Copyright and Teaching or contact the Copyright Office.

Getting Help

If you need further assistance, please Contact us

For more information on Library services that support teaching go to Teaching@Library