Security Review Update - Upcoming Changes to Reading Room Procedures

Regular patrons of the Reading Room will know that the Client Services Team undertook a review of the security aspects of the Reading Room in late 2016. The results of the Review gave us much food for thought.

The Review identified significant structural and procedural problems with our long standing practices and these were also not the standard common in comparable institutions.

To address the identified deficiencies, the Review recommended a range of changes and these included changes to staffing practices, training and procedures; improvements in security cameras; introduction of scales to weigh issued materials and improvements around capturing identity information. A number of recommended changes have already been introduced including table allocation and researcher sign-in, the remainder will be implemented over the coming months.

We appreciate that the introduction of these changes may be experienced by some researchers as disruptive or providing an additional administrative burden on their use of the Reading Room. We are confident however, that researchers will appreciate and welcome these changes as being essential to preserve the University’s precious collections for ongoing use. We will ensure to keep our users updated on any changes that may affect their use of the Reading Room throughout the implementation process.

If there are any questions concerning the Review or the implementation of the recommendations, please contact

Carl Temple

(03) 834 47955

In protecting our collections we aim to safeguard their validity and reliability so our Researchers can be confident in the information our collections provide. As always, we appreciate the assistance of our Researchers in helping us preserve these collections for future generations.

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