Aeon Catalogue Links Now Live

Placing Reading Room requests has never been easier with Aeon request forms now able to auto-fill from the Library catalogue.

Simply log in to your Aeon account before searching the Library catalogue. Material available for access via the Reading Room will display a grey button titled 'Request to View in Reading Room' to the right of the catalogue entry. Clicking on this button will automatically open and fill the relevant request form in Aeon.  If there are multiple volumes or issues available, simply complete the volume field on the request form with the volume numbers you would like to order, select a date you would like to view the material in the Reading Room and click the 'Submit Request' to place your order.

This new functionality afforded by the introduction of Aeon replaces the previous ordering system in which Researchers were required to manually input item metadata into a request form. Aeon has a number of other functions of value to researchers and those with an interest should visit the Atlas Systems website.