Loan periods


Type of itemDescriptionLoan PeriodCan it be renewed?
Hourly loansThese are on subject reading lists and have been made a short loan period by a lecturer.

They have 2 or 3 hour loan stickers on the cover.

Located in a separate high use collection or sometimes behind the desk.

The catalogue displays 'TWO HOUR LOAN' or 'THREE HOUR LOAN' next to the call number.
2 or 3 hoursNo
Overnight loan

'O/N' stamp in the back of the book.

The catalogue displays 'OVERNIGHT LOAN' next to the call number.

Overnight No
7 day loansThe catalogue displays 'SEVEN DAY LOANS' next to the call number.7 daysYes (except for music items; also check for media items)
JournalsBound journals and older unbound journals with 'Boxed at P' stickers2 days (staff and postgraduates only)No
28/90 day loansStandard items.

28 days for everyone (except academic staff, PhD and Masters students).

90 days for academic staff, PhD and Masters students; you might have to return items sooner if someone else requests them.

*Unless more than two other users have requested a hold on the item. Then the loan period is reduced to 7 days.

Yes; up to 10 times for unimelb borrowers and 4 times for others (check for media items)
 BONUS+ itemsItems from other participating BONUS+ libraries. 21 days Yes; once.