Director Scholarly Information

Ms Jenny Ellis

Jenny is also the Deputy University Librarian


Office: 187 Grattan Street

Contact: Ms Lorraine Quattrocchi, Administrative Officer, telephone +(61 3) 8344 7979 or email Lorraine


Jenny leads the Scholarly Information program of the University Library. This program is responsible for the delivery of a diverse range of client services that support teaching, learning & research at the University. Specifically, staff in the Scholarly Information program are engaged in the following key activities:

  • Library Liaison services - discipline-based teams of specialist librarians partner with academics to deliver services such as scholarly literacy, research training and research support
  • Information Services - information and lending services and  Student IT & eLearning support are provided from physical and virtual space
  • University Copyright Office  - assists academics to manage copyright obligations
  • Facilities Planning  - coordination of innovative refurbishment of University Library and Academic Services spaces

Leadership Group in the Scholarly Information

  • Copyright Office – Ms Helen Thomson
  • Facilities Planning – Mr Mark Pickett
  • Information Services and Library Spaces – Ms Karen Kealy
  • Library Liaison and Learning – Ms Andrea Phillips
  • Library Programs Manager – Ms Sandra Woods


During her career, Jenny has undertaken several different roles within the university environment. After graduating BA (Hons), Jenny spent some years in academic employment as a tutor and lecturer. Some years later, she qualified as a professional librarian and has since gained broad experience in academic librarianship. Her engagement with scholarly information was enhanced by her experience as Manager of the University Copyright Office at the University of Melbourne. Jenny has formal qualifications in Intellectual Property Law and Information Management.

As Director, Scholarly Information, Jenny now leads the library liaison relationships that support the learning & teaching and research activities of faculties and schools.  She also manages the physical library spaces and frontline services. Jenny has responsibility for the University Copyright Office.