The Director, Scholarly Services and University Librarian (Acting)

Ms Donna McRostie


Office: 757 Swanson Street, Level 6

Contact: Mrs Lorraine Quattrocchi, Administrative Officer, telephone +(61 3) 8344 7979 or email Lorraine


Donna is responsible for leading and managing the Research and Collections program of the University Library by developing the strategy, policy and frameworks for library initiatives that advance the University's research mission; adding value to research infrastructure and services, including repositories, research impact measurement, research data management and digitisation activities. Associated with this is the acquisition and stewardship of the rich and diverse scholarly collections for which the University Library is responsible, including special, archival and cultural collections, and unlocking the potential of these collections through digitisation programs, public exhibitions, publications and events.

Leadership Group in the Research and Collections

Leadership Group in Scholarly Information

  • Library Liaison and Learning - Andrea Phillips
  • Information Services and Library Spaces – Karen Kealy
  • Copyright Office – Helen Thomson